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Legal Guidelines and Principles

The goal of Busyevent, Inc. and all of our tools, products and services is to create a Return on Actionsm and foster a relationship between the people looking for each other, products, information and other resources, with those people that have it.

Most importantly, our goal is to help to create opportunities for merchants, attendees, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, event producers and others by understanding the underlying desires of those using our tools, products and services and providing information to those that can serve our users and clients and their needs. In doing so, we create a Return on Actionsm for anyone involved with the activity or event.

To that end, we have created these guiding principles of conduct by which any user of BusyEvent Mobile (or any Busyevent, Inc. tool, product or service) must agree to prior to using any Busyevent, Inc. tool, product or service and abide by during and after their use, as well as providing a road map for our company.

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Financial Guidelines and Principles

BusyEvent, Inc. makes available three types of purchases to event producers, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors. They are:
  •  An event license that allows anyone to create and manage an event using BusyEvent Mobile – the app that builds event apps.
  •  A variety of optional add-ons to the basic license which includes ‘Double-up’, ‘Build it With Me’ and ‘Data-ify / Game-ify’.

All of these items and their costs can be reviewed on the Pricing Plans page.

  •  DataKeyssm which unlock the hidden potential inside any event by observing, organizing and reporting on attendee behaviors that drive business intelligence.
Refund Policies
The products and services provided by BusyEvent, Inc. are primarily software, delivered and accessed via the internet or native applications resident on a smartphone, tablet or other computing device.

Because of this, and because our software is delivered instantly once payment is received, and is available as try before you buy, our customers can test the products before buying them and determine that:

  •  The software is correctly designed, is built in such a way that it will help them with their tasks and is built for lawful and legal purposes as described in the Legal Guidelines and Principles section of this web site.
  •  It runs correctly on their computing devices and is compatible with their operating systems and internet connection.
  •  The software is programmed such that they can understand the language, features, functions and purposes of the programs.
  •  The refund request is made more than 30 days after the original purchase.
  •  An upgrade to a more expensive BusyEvent, Inc. package has been made and the purchaser has utilized any of the capabilities of that upgrade/more expensive package.
Not excluding other reasonable reasons, and for the reasons above, we offer no refunds as a matter of policy,

However, a refund may be provided, or other appropriate financial considerations may be agreed to by BusyEvent, Inc. and the authorized purchaser, under the following circumstances:

  •  The software appears to be not as described, or, does not function as advertised on the BusyEvent, Inc. web sites and via other marketing materials.
  •  The customer is experiencing a problem or bug with the software that cannot be solved by our developers in less than 30 days.
  •  The software was used appropriately and is demonstrably the root cause of an errant purchase or overcharge.

In these cases, a refund may be issued to the original purchaser within 30 days of BusyEvent, Inc receiving a request for refund. The amount of that refund (less any ecommerce processing and bank fees), will be mutually determined by BusyEvent, Inc. and the authorized purchaser of the software and services. Optionally, the authorized purchaser may elect to accept other financial considerations (such as a credit towards the use of any BusyEvent, Inc. product or service) the offer of which is totally at the discretion of BusyEvent, Inc.
Refunds will not be honored in the following instances:
  •  The software was procured and appropriately delivered but licensed by a person not authorized to do so.
  •  Any of the add-on features, specifically ‘Build it With Me’, ‘Game-ify / Data-ify’ or, ‘Double-up’ were purchased and utilized during the first 30 days.
  •  The original purchaser, or any 3rd party, has purchased a DataKey and subsequently downloaded a DataKey report.

This refund policy may, at times, be updated at the sole discretion of BusyEvent, Inc. and it is incumbent upon the authorized purchaser to understand the then current policy at the time of their refund request.

To make a refund request or for further clarification on the above, please feel free to email us at:

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